Paul Rand

Paul Rand – Brief Introduction Paul Rand is a particular graphic designer who is a revered figure in the American Graphic Design industry. He is considered to be a master of Modern design and was skilled in the integration of Modern art into corporate industry. Paul Rand specializes in Logo and Trade Mark. He believes that the Logo in its essence is meaningful only after it is utilized for its products, and in turn, the product is what makes a Logo distinctive and associated with said product. Paul Rand was inspired by a multitude of Modernist designers, in particular, Paul Klee from the Bauhaus and Moholy Nagy.

Paul Rand

Paul Rand

Works and Style Paul Rand makes use of elegant free form design which is asymmetrically arranged. He’s very well known for designing a multitude of logos for several companies, but his logo for IBM really stands out.

IBM Logo - Paul Rand

IBM Logo – Paul Rand

The logo follows Paul Rand’s style choices and aesthetics. The asymmetrical design and geometric shapes combine to create a very formal arrangement. Besides the IBM logo, Paul Rand has also designed the logo for Next. Almost immediately you can make the connection to his design aesthetics. There’s always this sense of clarity and order with geometric shapes and use of colour.

Next Logo - Paul Rand

Next Logo – Paul Rand

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